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013 — Preliminary Rules for Discussing Meaning
"Meaning is not mysterious—it is a basic feature of human cognition which works in fairly predictable ways."
012 — Notes on Multiplicity
"According to Bergson there are two types of 'several:' quantitative and qualitative. What does it mean to be qualitatively “several?”"
011 — Haute Baroque Capitalism
"Accepted as a creative point of origin, capital blossoms into evermore absurd stylistic forms, intricate angel sculptures, and shimmering copper cluster columns."
010 — Bad Interface Politics in Facebook's Fake News Filter
"Providing the power to report 'fake news' through the interface is like doling out weapons for an upcoming turf war in which each side abuses the feature to repudiate the political narrative of the other."
009 — Seeking New Arrangements
"In 2016, the economic and cultural value of homeownership is beginning to look exhausted."
008 — Brand Index
"Reading Magazine B has afforded me insight into different business models and brand-building techniques I might never have otherwise discovered. I thought I might share these insights by keeping here a journal of thoughts about the brands introduced in issues that I have read."
007 — Exclusivity and Trajectory
"What builds excitement around an entity, and what helps people connect with an organization? So far, I have observed two patterns that permeate the identities of many successful brands today."
006 — Architecture at Scale
"Our field yet lacks the experience and frame of reference to understand how design, like architecture, can be an unwitting agent of social injustice."
005 — When Products Fail: Wildcard
"Be it willful ignorance or embarrassed silence, there’s a lack of conversation about Wildcard."
004 — Elegy for Square Order
"Square Order gives me the feeling that its designers didn't think of users as users, but simply people. If there's anything that can be called human-centered design, this is it."
003 — The Future of Commerce is Distributed
"The ongoing revolution of decentralized marketing and publishing suggests a future where products and services can be sold in a distributed fashion across the web."
002 — The Problem With Notifications, Part 2
"Ultimately, its most clear advantages like expandable notifications and bulk dismissed are geared toward managing notifications that already appeared on the phone. The cognitive burden of managing notifications is mostly put on the end user."
001 — The Problem With Notifications, Part 1
"Perhaps an appropriate nickname for this system would be “heavy-handed notification management” – notifications that are either present or not at all. There’s no way to retrieve or see information about dismissed notifications."