Each binary reveals a spectrum,


each spectrum reveals a 2x2,


each 2x2 reveals a system,


each system reveals a universe.


Each binary contains a universe.
Like journeying through Flatland, each step adds a dimension.
Each new dimension “goes meta” on its antecedent.
Each meta reveals the former subject,
environmental, encompassing,
to be nothing but a new object,
to be grasped, played with, and set aside.

From authentic and inauthentic,
to belief and disbelief in authenticity,
to systems of authentication.

From right and wrong,
to a moral ontology,
to contexts, conditions, systems of morality.

From me and not-me,
to like me and unlike me,
to patterned ways of being.

From you and I,
to our relationship,
to our patterned stars colliding.