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toby shorin

Hi, I’m Toby Shorin. I’m a technologist and writer living in Brooklyn. This is my main blog, and I have a personal site at the link above. I also cofounded an organization called Other Internet Research Institute](https://otherinter.net) to support independent research and experimentation on similar themes to those you find on this site. I’m on Twitter as @tobyshorin.

subpixel space
Subpixel Space is mostly longform essays and shorter-form things about technology and culture. It's a philosophical endeavor at heart, but I try to keep things relevant and readable. The name comes from the idea of "sub-pixel values," virtually calculated points smaller than the pixel, the atomic unit of screen-based life. When I first started the blog I wanted to think about the ideas that underpin design and software. Later I developed an interest in moral theory, which introduced another happy coincidence.
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toby [at] otherinter [dot] net